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Our Company

Northern Transport Planning and Engineering Pty Ltd has been providing a consulting service since July 1992 which has been used by both Government and Private Bodies.

Projects undertaken by NTP&E have assisted both State and Local Government bodies in the planning of a wide range of traffic facilities. Private developers have also relied on the work of NTP&E to assist in the development of viable projects which have subsequently been successfully commissioned.


The majority of Northern Transport Planning and Engineering's projects are undertaken in the Hunter Region, Central and Midnorth Coast of NSW.

Areas of Specialisation:

Field Surveys -

  • Traffic Surveys
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification Counts
  • Pedestrian Movement Surveys
  • Origin/Destination Surveys
  • Roadside Interviews (Reply Paid Questionairres)
  • Parking Surveys
  • Travel Time Surveys

Traffic Analysis -

Intersection Performance, SIDRA

Land Use Planning, TRANPLAN

Origin/Destination, NUMPOD


NTP&E employ's a full time Transport Planner who is responsible for the overall management of the company. Where required other Consultancies have been joined to form a multi-disciplinary team to undertake specific projects.

Casual employees are also engaged when required to undertake field survey and other tasks.


NTP&E uses Metrocount counters and RTA Trafficorders for data gathering.

CCTV cameras are used for quality assurance and recording of intersection movements.

Tape recorders are used for recording observations such as vehicle number plates and road safety audits.

Computer Software:

SIDRA – Intersection Analysis software
TRANPLAN – Land Use Planning
Autotrack - Vehicle Turning Analysis software
Rapid Plan - Traffic Management Plans